The Queen of trash

The things that guests don’t see after a major fundraiser. So, Betsy and I went out to Traveler’s Rest today to pick up tables, chairs and other leftover items. And as I drive up the long gravel drive and pass the meadow where our guests parked on Saturday I notice, alas, that there is trash there. Empty water bottles, name tags, the remnants of Jello shot Easter eggs, empty margarita drink boxes…you know, the normal stuff that slightly inebriated people might just drop on the ground as they stumble to their cars (to be driven by a designated driver, I hope).

Betsy’s nerves were pretty well shot at this point. She helmed the fundraiser on Saturday and she’s in charge of the giveaway for our regular nonprofit partners on Tuesday. I knew if I said something about picking up trash, her head would explode. So, my wonderful husband, Mark, who had come with me to help load the truck, and I picked up trash. Please note the fashionable latex gloves. Also please note the lone car behind me, left by a guest who probably took a cab home (also a good thing) and had yet to pick up his or her vehicle.

You know, I’m happy to do this. The caterer passed me on his way to retrieve his fryer, stopped and said: “Why are you picking up trash?” Because this is what is required at this moment in time.  If there are any nonprofit executives who have not, at one point in their careers, cleaned a toilet, swept out an office or, yes, picked up trash I have not met them yet.

The Queen of trash

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