The monkey dance-off

We are choreographing the first-ever Monkey Dance-Off here at the world headquarters of the Community Resource Center. It is not every business that has the opportunity to do this. But at CRC, we receive a fair number of stuffed animals that sing from a major retailer and we just felt as though they needed to showcase their talents. We could actually hear them warbling away through their cardboard box prisons.

So Kim is the stage manager, lighting director and the head of photography. Here she is setting up the very sophisticated lighting system on the monkey stage, which may look as though it is simply a cart but you would be wrong. And if you think the lights look suspiciously like a string of Christmas lights you would also be wrong.

Betsy is the set designer, head writer and editor. She has just informed me that this project is work-related because she needs to learn editing in her role as marketing manager. I’ll accept that. Creative interpretation of just fooling around. This soon-to-be-award winning video will be showcased on You Tube, thereby introducing the world to the Community Resource Center. Or at least introducing the Monkey Dance-Off.

Important business. We’re on top of it.


The monkey dance-off

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