Spring at the warehouse

Our Hot Pink Flamingos

The best thing about being Two Chicks in a Warehouse is that when spring comes Betsy and I can just bust it out. We are not in a traditional business or even traditional¬† nonprofit. We’re warehouse rats. The office outfit of the day is shorts and flip flops. Our lawn chairs are positioned at the open dock door for strategic planning sessions. This year we might even get some lounge chairs for a little tanning action in the parking lot.

“Hello!” we might chirp as we answer the phone. “Can you hold a minute while we freshen our sweet tea and flip the burgers on the grill?”

This year, because of a wonderful donation from a major retailer, we got a few fun yard art items and decided to spruce up the parking lot. Doesn’t everybody want plastic pink flamingos and a piggy wind moving thingie in their parking lot? Well, we certainly do.

We are not in a frivolous business. We are in the getting basic necessities to those in desperate need business. And we do take it seriously. Right now, Betsy is getting together Community Cares baskets for homeless people entering transitional housing. Basic stuff like kitchenware, bath items, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products.

Someone will start a new life of dignity and hope with items from the Community Resource Center.

Yes, we are in a serious business. But we are not serious all the time. In fact, hardly ever. I’m going to visit my flamingos now.

Spring at the warehouse

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