Mini Finn and Fun With Hats

It was Giveaway Day today at CRC and we always try to take interesting photos but they just, sadly, are not interesting. It’s hard to capture the pure joy and excitement of loading laundry detergent, toothpaste and backpacks into cardboard boxes and reusable bags.

Here’s one from a previous giveaway:

Giveaway January 2013 004

Not so much.

So we exploit small children by forcing them to wear funny hats while we snap their photos. Today it was a child we call Mini Finn, the grandson of nonprofit partners Judith and John Jo-Finn from the Faith, Hope and Love Ministry.

Now we’re talking. First we put a corn hat on him.


He was not too happy about that. I think the hat weighed more than his head. So we switched it to a frog hat.


Look how overjoyed he is. Okay, that’s a lie. I resorted to the same thing I tell my granddaughter when I take her picture to get her to smile: Show me your teeth!

We did a lot of good today, the Chicks. We gave away tens of thousands of dollars in personal care products, backpacks, laundry detergent, pillows and new clothing to agencies that serve our most fragile citizens. That we can put hats on an adorable child and take photos is just icing on the cake.


Mini Finn and Fun With Hats

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