Mad Max

Let’s play dress up in the warehouse. C’mon, Max, it’ll be fun. Really. 

I know, Max. I know. You’re 14 years old and we’re about to put you in a 24-month toddler Batman pajama top. There’s no dignity in that. In fact, we are laughing uncontrollably and we can see you are not even slightly amused.

In all seriousness, the blog is back and it’s going to be all about me, Catherine, the Chick here at CRC World Headquarters; Jay the Dude; and all of our friends and  nonprofit partners. I’ll tell you some serious stories and some funny ones. Today, it’s a funny one. We actually had the best of intentions. Max was cold. Jay didn’t have his dog sweater. We improvised. And giggled like school children.

Most nonprofit blogs, or business blogs for that matter, are boring. I hate boring. So this blog may not always be “on message” but I don’t care. Hopefully,  you’ll think it’s worth a look from time to time. If we get desperate, we’ll find another outfit for Max (don’t tell him).

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