This post is not at all about liver. But I am learning about Search Engine Optimization and, from time to time, I will shamelessly incorporate ways to boost my SEO even if it has nothing to do with CRC or what we do. So here goes.

Our bread and butter and liver at CRC is to give away new basic necessities food stamps won’t buy. But from time to time we get donations from big box retailers of things that prompt the question: Why?

Oh, we’ll find one of our nonprofits that’s just yearning for the following. We will. But it may take time.

Scary Easter Basket

Who wants a scary duck Easter basket? Anyone? Anyone? How about some liver? What’s scarier?

Reindeer head

How about a weird reindeer head Christmas decoration? I know you want this on your mantle during the holiday season. No? The Millennial will sneak it into somebody’s Christmas Giveaway pile in December. Nonprofit partners, you’ve been warned.

Gator Helmet

This has been hanging around the warehouse for more than a year. It has gotten more rude, derisive comments than anything else we’ve ever had. If you are a Gator fan, please contact me. I’m desperate (Go Vols!).

Ramen Cooker

Wow, it’s so hard to cook ramen noodles (and liver). You boil some water, cook the noodles for three minutes and drain them. Tough duty. But now there’s the Rapid Ramen Cooker. It does the job in just a minute and a half. It’s a miracle! How it reduces sodium by 50 percent is a mystery. Maybe they tell you just to add half the seasoning packet? Whatever.


No, we don’t give away liver at CRC. That would be something nobody would want. It looks a little scary but my SEO should be going through the roof right now.

Again, we are a serious nonprofit that does serious work as the Supply Line to the Front Lines of Poverty. But we try not to be overly serious or boring. Liver.



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