Going green…very green

Someone has manufactured a large, large number of extremely large green pants. We were touring one of our partner agencies last week when our guide opened the door to an office filled with boxes of the aforementioned pants. They had been donated. There were not enough large green-pant-loving people for the agency to give them to.

“We’ll take them,” Betsy said immediately. Here she is, demonstrating the enormity of the donation.

We are thinking that anyone starting a small para-military organization would love these pants. Or perhaps the security guards at the airport are in need of a change of clothes.

Seriously, we will have no trouble giving these away. While they are green, exceptionally green, they’re also brand new. So if you happen to see a sizable group of people of stature around town some day, all in green garb,  you will know they were dressed by CRC.

Going green…very green

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