Girls just want to have fun

Yes, we work in a warehouse. Yes, it’s cold and damp right now.  And, yes, there’s a fair amount of toting which is actually a good thing because we can skip the gym memberships. Who needs pilates when you have a dolly and a bunch of heavy boxes containing green pants?

But if you don’t think our jobs are fun, take a look at this. We periodically get significant donations from a major retailer who has been very generous to the Community Resource Center.  Since Betsy is now in her second month of going shopless for a year, opening up all those boxes to see what’s inside is a major source of pleasure for her. And we found these jaunty little Halloween hats in one of the boxes. No, they will not be part of our costumes this year, but we just had to try them on.

So that same day, Betsy made a truck run to pick up boxes and boxes of binders. When she got back, we called in reinforcements to unload – young legs, my mother-in-law says. That would be my son, Noah. He’s such a poser. Here he is sitting in the truck holding a random plastic flower. I promise you he was having a good time. That’s just his 17-year-old posing face.

Nonprofits are often populated by a diverse group of people. Raggedy taggedy bunch we are. But we get to put on funny hats and pose for photos and not one person reports us to Human Resources.

Girls just want to have fun

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