Fun with hats


Can I tell you how much the Chicks love their jobs? Routinely, we get bulk donations from a major retailer that we just adore. And it’s like Christmas in whatever month we’re opening them. We love all this stuff because it makes us smile and we know, in turn, it will make someone in need smile. Just to have something whimsical.

I have to digress for a moment. Do you know someone on Facebook actually took a shot at a Contributor vendor for having a cellphone? Are you kidding me? These fine folks stand out in the rain, the snow and the heat selling the newspaper so they can afford to get off the streets and, yes, get a cellphone. Give me a break.

But back to hats. We have to model the hats. Betsy chose a lovely Nanook of the North design, perfect in these cold winter days when the temperatures in warehouse rarely rise above 50. Yes, we have heaters in the warehouse and I believe they work since they’re brand new (a side benefit of the flood), but I am too cheap to turn them on. I told the architects that we didn’t need heaters in the warehouse but they wisely ignored me. I chose a lovely Christmas-themed bonnet. I am attempting to look sexy here, but I just noticed when I purse my lips the wrinkles really stand out so I believe I have failed in that effort. And I don’t appear to be pouting. More like grimacing. I used to be able to carry this off, dang it.

Oh, well. It’s giveaway day tomorrow and the hats will go to new homes. Maybe they will end up at a senior center where a warm hat is appreciated or an elementary school where a Christmas hat that plays Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer brings a laugh to a child. Everyone gets to have fun with hats.

Fun with hats

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