Come out of your shell for Oyster Easter

King and Queen

How much fun can you have at Oyster Easter? Just look at the reigning Oyster King Pate Young and Oyster Queen Danielle DeMott. Raising money for CRC Nashville is the most fun you can have in one four-hour, booze-fueled afternoon. Let’s just go through the day, shall we?

Bunny Hat

First, the guests arrive. They are generally decked out in their Easter finery. The gentlemen are in smart casual…

Oyster Easter 2013 013

And the women are in sundresses, big hats and movie star sun glasses. It’s the prettiest party in town.

The King and Queen candidates are very inventive in coaxing votes from the crowd.

OE 1

Of course, there is alcohol involved…

Drunken Peeps

Would anyone like a drunken Peep cocktail? Anyone?

Well, if you do you’ll be happy to know we have a delicious and alcohol-absorbing Cajun buffet from South Street.

Oyster Easter 2013 027

And live entertainment from Les Kerr and the Bayou Band.


And the Hula Hoop Contest to get your blood flowing again.

OE 2

So come on! Get your name tag and join the party. Tickets are available here.



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