He also serves who sits and waits

Max 2

It might be going too far to say that Max the Wonder Dog is the heart and soul of CRC. But he has my heart.

Max is 16 years old and there are certain things that come with age that Max aptly demonstrates. One is “the look.” Patient. Ever patient. Max does not beg for food. That would not be statesmanlike. He simply sits and waits. Right by your side. Not an inch away. And, inevitably, the last scrap of Sausage McMuffin or the tiniest sliver of left-over steak will come his way. Max knows this. That’s why he just waits.

Max sits quite a bit. Or lies down. Then he might sit some more. Every once in awhile, Max will bound across the warehouse floor like a puppy. But coming back is slow going.

And, how shall I put this delicately, there are certain things over which he loses control from time to time. Let’s just say it’s fortunate that CRC has concrete floors throughout. Very fortunate. Max always looks chagrined when he doesn’t quite make it to the patch of grass by the parking lot. That’s okay, Max. We’re looking into a franchise of Doggie Depends.

Max belongs to our assistant director, Jay, and his wife, Jessica. And there’s a new sheriff in town now, their son, Emerson.

Emerson and Max

And Max is the perfect geriatric big brother. Once again, ever patient. He’s already standing guard. Emerson will learn the waiting game from Max. In a few months, Max will be rewarded with a single Cheerio or a casually dropped piece of teething toast.

There are a few perks to these jobs that The Millennial and I have. We don’t keep regular hours although we’re here most of the time. There is candy in a dish, bottled water in the fridge and Pizza Rolls in the freezer. There’s no dress code except that you have to be dressed in some form or fashion.

But the biggest perk to me is that dog sitting by my side for hours at a time. Waiting. Patiently.

He also serves who sits and waits
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