You could hear her coming before you saw her.


And around the corner at the airport warehouse comes Kim driving her brand new (at least to her) forklift, loaned to her by our angel Tom in North Carolina. You would have thought she’d just gotten a new Mercedes. Really. Pico was tremendously excited, too. There’s nothing Pico likes better than riding around with Kim (and I mean right next to her) in her pick-up truck. So the opportunity to ride shotgun on a forklift was just a dream come true. We’re sure it says something in the manual about not allowing dogs to accompany you on a forklift, but we conveniently forgot to read that page.

Although Kim and the rest of the Chicks are of super-human strength, the forklift will come in mighty handy for moving bolts of carpet we’re getting soon. A bolt, I think, weighs something like 1,000 pounds. Mike Sanders, a board member and president of Ted Sanders Moving, is loaning us a carpet rod to move the carpet from the delivery trucks to the warehouse. I think I understand the concept of a carpet rod, but I am leaving all the heavy lifting, literally, to Kim.

However, we did not miss an opportunity to make fun of her. Betsy has this little wrought iron bicycle plant stand she intends to use for display purposes at CRC and she offered to race Kim on her forklift.  Kim graciously declined to inform Betsy that she could flatten her like a pancake with one touch of a button. By the way, in case you are thoroughly mortified by the thought of that, the forklift was COMPLETELY TURNED OFF during the taking of this photo. But you can see me in the background digging through my wallet for our workmen’s comp policy just in case.

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