You had me at hello

Frog greeterSometimes, when the Chicks are sorting, something just sticks out. Literally. Like a giant frog in overalls brandishing a “Welcome” sign. Why? Why would anyone need a giant frog to welcome visitors?

Oh, okay. We did. We are sure the quality of the experience for visitors to CRC World Headquarters will improve because of our giant greeter. He’ll watch over the community garden as it continues to grow (except for one pepper plant that has just been eaten up by some unknown vermin). Maybe he’ll scare the UPS guy or cause an accident at the corner of Omohundro and Visco as an unwary motorist glances over and thinks, “What the heck is that?”

Just another perk of the job here at CRC. Giant frogs. They make us happy.

You had me at hello

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