Inmates save Nashville's water supply during the May 2010 floods

Inmates save Nashville’s water supply during the May 2010 floods

We realize that this is not going to sound right, but the Chicks ♥ inmates. We also ♥ Sheriff Daron Hall for administering an innovative program that lends inmate labor to a variety of nonprofits that would otherwise have to pay for help.

What have our inmates done for us? Well, yesterday when it was 23 degrees inside the warehouse, they organized pallets and pallets of donated materials including blankets that went out into Nashville last night for homeless individuals. When we moved from our old warehouse to our new one, they were our moving people. They cut our lawn every week during warm weather. And during the floods of 2010, they saved Nashville’s water supply by sandbagging the Omohundro Water Treatment Plant, which was inches away from going under water.

We know these guys aren’t angels. They are, after all, in jail. But their offenses were minor, which is why they can work out in the community under a deputy’s supervision.

And we like to think CRC is one of the most popular destinations for the work crews. Betsy and I are all about Southern hospitality and we try to schedule the crews so we can feed them lunch. The menu at the jail is, shall we say, extremely limited. So our inmates are almost giddy with excitement when they see a sack of McDonald’s or a KFC bucket come through the door.

So something very good comes from bad. The sheriff’s department saves CRC hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year by loaning us a few guys who are happy to be contributing to the community.

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