What do we do?

In the interest of true disclosure, I have gone from the low of our building flooding to the high of getting the temporary warehouse set up to, now, back to low because I’m dealing with bureaucracy I don’t understand and requirements for an SBA loan that tonight seem insurmountable.

So here’s the situation. I apply for an SBA loan with the incredible help of Heather Iverson, our pro bono attorney. Hook up with a great SBA lady who talks me through the additional paperwork for the loan, which is formidable. Must have emergency board meeting to approve documents. Do it in a bar. Best venue yet for a board meeting. Send it all in. Loan approved. Sigh of relief.

Talk to new SBA lady today, my case manager. Have I entered social services? Unfortunately not. She tells me that to get the loan I need flood insurance. OK. Only $5,000 a year.  But OK. Talk to insurance agent, the fantastic Yogi. Need quotes on flood insurance. Get call back from Yogi. To get flood insurance need Certificate of Elevation. Don’t have Certificate of Elevation. To get that, I need to get an inspector to go to CRC and measure the damn elevation. And, AND, it has to be done by Friday because some congressional law on offering flood insurance expires Friday. No flood insurance for the entire nation? Apparently so.

Add on top of this that I have no idea what fixing the building will cost. SBA loan is $140,000. Minus $5,000 flood insurance. Minus whatever it costs to hire inspector to bring out his tape measure and figure out what elevation we’re at. Am I just a little stressed out. Yes, I am.

Long view. Long view. A year from now, building will be fixed. Betsy and I will be giving things away like mad. We’ll have better plumbing (have I told you about toilet chronically backing up?) and better electrical (no fires in the wall anymore). But right now, I am in bureaucratic limbo.

To be fair, I am not the most injured chick tonight. Betsy had an emergency root canal today. Navigating SBA? Root canal? I’ll take the SBA.

Another glass of wine. Yes, I think I will have another glass of wine.

What do we do?

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