What Christmas looks like

We don’t often brag on ourselves, but we got theĀ  nicest letter from the Mental Health Cooperative and thought we’d share part of it.

Evelyn Yeargin, the director of advocacy, writes:

“The holiday gifts the Community Resource Center donated to Mental Health Cooperative’s consumers serviced around 200-300 consumers. MHC staff was very happy to wrap those items and give them out. Some consumers came back and told us how they decorated their home, and how some of them saved their gift to open at Christmas because this was the only gift they received. All of the children’s gifts ensured bright eyes because they had presents to open as well. You provided warm clothing for our homeless consumers. Your generosity has been good for their self-esteem and is a direct positive in their recovery process.”

We don’t hear enough stories about what happens to the goods we provide our nonprofit partners. This letter just made our day.

What Christmas looks like

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