We’re nuts

NutsYou just never know what’s going to happen on giveaway days. Sometimes, Betsy and I just sit at our table in the warehouse and greet our nonprofit partners who are coming to get basic household necessities (or, as we say in the trade, “stuff”).

Then there are days like today when Joyce from the Clarksville VFW arrived with a sack full of nuts. And I mean full of nuts. Why? Let’s just say she has a source for surplus nuts. Since we are all about surplus inventory, she thought of us. So there will be massive amounts of baking going on with the pecan chips and walnut pieces. The slivered almonds will get toasted and mixed in with the ingredients for Hot Chicken Salad. At least that’s what Chick One will be doing.

Chick Two does not cook hardly a lick and she plans to just eat them out of the bags in her car. I get that for the pecan and walnut halves. But the pecan chips? Good luck with that.

We’re nuts

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