We love our volunteers

The first day of the Christmas Giveaway has been one of the easiest ever and it’s all because of our wonderful volunteers.

Over the weekend, Betsy marshaled a small army of volunteers to come to the warehouse to sort giveaway items and start making the piles for each agency to pick up. We do this in early December to make sure every agency has what they need to play Santa to their own clients.

Today was the first actual giveaway day and the agencies started arriving right at 9 a.m. Today’s volunteers helped load cars and make more piles for tomorrow’s giveaway.

Amy Warner, Felissa Ariazi, Tiffany Stafford and Kelsie Kimbro

So here’s a huge shout-out to all the folks who volunteered today. We had a group from Volunteer State and let me tell you they lived up to their school name. They even happily wore the Santa hats that Betsy ordered. I am not a hat girl, but I admire those people who can carry that look off.

That’s Betsy with the antlers. Definitely a hat girl.

Jim and Glyna Aderhold have enjoy their time at Oyster Easter (CRC’s main fundraiser) and let us know how much they loved the party by giving back to CRC at Christmas. Jim was our only man on hand during the morning and  he may have gotten a little more heavy lifting than he anticipated.

Justin Silva and Barbara Millard read about us on the Hands On Nashville site and also showed up to help.  Jim was especially glad to see Justin!

Betsy and I really are two chicks in a warehouse. We don’t need help often, but when we do we need it big time. Thanks to all the folks who opened their hearts and strained a few muscles today so that our nonprofit agencies could get on with helping those who are so much in need this time of year.

We love our volunteers

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