We have walls

We are tremendously excited at CRC. We have walls!

Not too long ago, we did not. If you looked from the front door of CRC to the back of the warehouse, there was nothing to impede your line of sight.  Unless you stood directly in front of the bulldozer, of course. It’s a good thing our third Chick, Kim, didn’t know about the bulldozer. It would never have left the building.

But today, I was invited to a meeting with the architects and the construction company. Look! Walls! The new conference room will be to the right and will include a training area for posITech, a social enterprise development dedicated to providing sustainable employment opportunities to adults with high functioning autistic spectrum disorders by creating IT solutions for small businesses and non-profit companies.

This is looking from the warehouse into the office space. The square window panes will enclose glass so that light will flow throughout the structure. Light! In a warehouse! I am absolutely giddy with excitement. To the left in this photo will be our break area, which we have already decided will need an espresso machine (donated, of course).  Betsy operates entirely on McDonald’s sweet tea, but Kim and I need a little more caffeine.

None of this would be possible without some generous donors who believe in the Community Resource Center. The Chicks cannot thank you enough. Really. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it.

We also have to thank our architects, Street Dixon Rick. That’s Beth Phillips and Baird Dixon to the right. The firm volunteered to help us pro bono, which makes them a pearl without price. Beth is the lead architect on this project and she designed the most beautiful space the Community Resource Center has ever occupied. We will feel  slightly embarrassed for a millisecond when we move back in. We’ll get over it.

We should be back home at CRC by the middle of February. We will have a party to thank all the people who stepped up without us asking and just said, “We want to help.”  There will be large haunches of meat on a smoker in the parking lot. Betsy might even make everyone wear party hats. Tasteful ones, of course.

We have walls

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