We have Garth Brooks’ t-shirts

Aside from the fact that We Are Nashville, there’s a certain advantage to living in this town. And that is the fact that many successful musicians use Nashville as their business base. And they have t-shirts. In the case of Garth Brooks, lots of t-shirts.

So we get a call from Deanna Mosher, who works with Garth (if I may call him that) on merchandise. It appears that there a number of t-shirts he would like to donate to flood relief. We happily tell his people to come see our people at the warehouse.

That’s Deanna in the orange t-shirt. She brought her people and that was a good thing. Because they also brought a 53-foot semi loaded with boxes of t-shirts and sweatshirts. And they had to go back for more. How much fun is it to unload 30,000 or so t-shirts in 100-degree heat? Not much fun, but Deanna’s crew made the best of it. So we just thought we should immortalize the whole project by snapping a photo.

These t-shirts will go to flood victims. But they will also go to homeless people, at-risk youth, people living at or below the poverty line and others who rarely see new clothing, much less something from Garth Brooks.

We have Garth Brooks’ t-shirts

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