We have furniture

We are giddy with excitement, the three chicks are. We have furniture and a place to store it.

We are so pleased with ourselves that we decide to have a strategic planning session at Urban Flats. We believe we should treat ourselves when we’ve been good. We now have two warehouses. We’ve been good. Betsy orders the appetizer portion of Lobster Mac and Cheese. Kim and I order flat breads loaded with goodies. Yum on all counts. We plan for the new warehouse. Yes, there is work being done. While eating.

Our new warehouse is at Junior Achievement. It is air-conditioned. Hooray for air conditioning. Of course, Betsy feels the need to organize. She has moved on to a whole new organizational level. It used to be making pretty gift baskets and arranging donations in a pleasing visual way. But now she has learned to use a pallet jack.

“You’re not putting this on the blog,” she protests as I snap a few photos. “I’m not wearing make-up.” Oh, yes I am. You think you can wield a pallet jack and move a pallet of boxes that weigh almost a ton and I’m not going to document this? Tell me there’s another nonprofit in Middle Tennessee where a 5-foot, 2-inch girl is operating a pallet jack. I can confidently say we are unique in that aspect.

But the best part, THE BEST PART, is that we have furniture. A lovely man named Gino arrives with a truck of furniture from Kirkland’s. Beautiful furniture. Brand new. Destined for the homes of flood victims. One of the things CRC is proudest of is that we only give away items we¬† would be proud to have in our own homes and this is furniture that Betsy and I are coveting, believe me.

It is amazing to me that in just a little over two months the city of Nashville has gone from utter devastation to beginning the process of truly rebuilding. It’s not just us doing this. It’s everyone. We Are Nashville. And damn proud of it.

We have furniture

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