Warehouse duty for the Titans of Industry

The Chicks play no favorites at the Community Resource Center. As the saying goes, in the end the pawns lie down with the kings. I’ve always said if the definition of a nonprofit executive director doesn’t include cleaning the toilets and taking out the trash, then you’re just not doing your job.

So if you are an Important Person and you show up at CRC, you will get put to work. We will praise you for your importance and show you all the respect you deserve. And then we will work you like dogs.

Tom and Billy

Tom Morgan and Billy Hunt do not consider themselves Important People, although we know they are. They will not tell you this but Tom and Billy, in between single-handedly supplying us with new mattresses and furniture for flood survivors, are Titans of Industry.  They have run large important companies and now supply many of the hotel chains with the beds you sleep in while making time to bring North Carolina BBQ to the Chicks for lunch.

But we don’t care about that. Unfortunately for Tom and Billy, they showed up at the warehouse at just the wrong moment. A truck was arriving with lots of stuff. So sad, too bad. Get to work boys. To give them their due, they always cheerfully volunteer. I suspect that is, in part, because a good Southern gentleman cannot bear to watch women do heavy lifting, even if the women can bench press the both of them with one arm. Which, of course, we can’t.

So, on a recent warm day at the airport warehouse, Tom and Billy, the Titans of Industry, unloaded boxes. The Chicks may not have a traditional take on what constitutes an Important Person. To us, it’s the people who just roll up their sleeves and dive on in. No complaints. No excuses.

We love you Tom and Billy. Now get back to work.


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