Treasure hunt

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An HCA employee helps sort merchandise at CRC

One of the great things about being two chicks in a warehouse is that Betsy and I get to indulge one of our favorite hobbies – shopping – without spending a dime.

Every few months, a generous major retailer sends us boxes and boxes of surplus inventory they can’t use, but don’t want to go to waste.  The boxes are full of brand new goodies that eventually find their way to youth programs, senior centers, programs for the physically and developmentally challenged and homeless shelters.

BoxesThe fun of it for us is that everything has to be sorted and inventoried so we have a record of what came in before it goes out.  It’s kind of like shopping without breaking out your wallet. The sorting takes a couple of days and you never know what you’ll pull out of a box. Designer dishes. Check. Weird frog statues with legs that hang down over a table. Check. Scary pilgrim people with blank eyes. Check.

A lot of times we wonder who will ever want some of the odd items, but we have never failed to give away everything we get. Our greatest achievement was giving away about 2,000 resin figurines that said Hillbilly Hank and Hillbilly Honey. Believe it or not, seniors just loved those things.

Treasure hunt

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