Toxic house of poo

Today is the first day of CRC’s new life. West Nashville Emergency Spill Response is beginning to hoover out the Toxic House of Poo, otherwise known as our flooded warehouse. You just don’t stop to think, really, about what exactly constitutes flood water. Oh, let’s see. There are those giant gasoline storage units just three blocks from us. Then there’s the stuff from the concrete plant across the street. And everything that accumulated upstream during the flooding that floated down the river and into 218 Omohundro Place.

But let us not dwell on that anymore. Let’s look at the brighter side of life, shall we? Here is one of the very fine workers from our remediation company, dumping a desk we shall now call debris into a pile in front of the raised dock door. He actually didn’t mind when I asked him to pause for a second so I could snap this photo.

Here’s the start of the pile by the raised dock door. I know, I know. Not exciting…to you. But to me and Betsy, very exciting. It means that what is now oozy gooey junk inside is making it’s way outside.

Another West Nashville worker kept apologizing to me today, saying how awful our situation is. And, from one standpoint, it is awful. But from another, it’s the start of a fresh beginning.

Most nonprofits are loathe to spend money on themselves. They want whatever money they have to go directly to serving those in need. So we routinely live with ratty office furniture, chairs with the stuffing coming out, file cabinets that won’t close, worn carpet and badly painted walls. But we now have the opportunity to make CRC what it should be physically. We can increase the warehouse space because we’re bulldozing the nest of small offices in the front. We can create a training space for a new program we hope to start when we’re back in the building. We can finally put that pedicure station in that we’ve been dreaming about. Kidding. Kind of.

West Nashville Emergency is kicking some major garbage booty right now, working 12-hour days. Hoover us out, boys. Hoover us out.

Toxic house of poo

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