Tomato blight

Does anyone know what did this to my cherry tomatoes?

So the vegetable garden at CRC World Headquarters is going pretty well, although I learn something every year. This year I learned that a tiny tomato plant in April becomes a giant tomato plant by July. I planted them too close together and now they are overtaking everything else. The poor basil plant is fighting for its life as the tomato vines spread out. A pepper plant is all but obscured by fuzzy tomato leaves.

So look at the photo above. Can anyone tell me what this is? Too much sun (definitely a problem right now!)? Dog peed on the tomatoes? What?

By the way, I pulled up the mutant crookneck squash plant. It was producing very gnarly looking, non-appetizing squash nubbins and just the one plant was crowding out my baby watermelons. It hurts to kill a plant but it had to be done.

The whole idea for the garden, by the way, is to feed passersby who may not have access to fresh vegetables. And the Chicks. We need our vegetables, too.


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