This is what we want for Christmas

Sometimes when visitors come to CRC and find an empty warehouse, they’re not too impressed with what we do. But an empty warehouse is precisely the point, because if there’s nothing much in the warehouse that means our “stuff”  is in the hands of people who need it.

This is what our warehouse looks like today, a week after the Christmas Giveaway. Betsy and I are thrilled that there’s barely a snow globe left. Somewhere in Middle Tennessee, there are presents waiting for needy children, their parents and grandparents because of the wonderful nonprofit agencies that partner with us and visited CRC last week on behalf of their clients.

We actually got a bonus present today when one of our agencies from Bedford County called. The Toys for Tots Drive down there is hundreds of toys short this year. We just happened to have a few. They’re now traveling down I-24 to children who need them.

An empty warehouse. It’s a good thing 10 days before Christmas. A very good thing, indeed.

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