This is how we roll

Kirstin came to visit CRC the other day and we decided it was the perfect opportunity to snap a photo of Mom and Kirstin on the wheelchair ramp specifically built for her. Well, actually that’s not true. When we redid the building after the flood everything had to be ADA compliant. But we like to think we built the ramp just for Kirstin.

In the olden days, when Kirstin came over to CRC she had to come in through the back dock door and then it was a tight squeeze if she wanted to go into the regular offices. I am ashamed to admit that there was nothing about the building that complied with federal regulations. There was very little of it that was actually up to code at all.

So that’s why we made photographic history of Kirstin’s wheelchair ramp. Betsy wanted to paint it pink but I drew the line there.

This is how we roll

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