The Warrior Chick

I just needed to report today that Betsy rocked out the Warrior Dash this year. The Warrior Dash involves engaging various unpleasant obstacles such as barbed wire, contaminated mud and fire on a 3-mile course that participants pay $50 each to endure. I, of course, spent that Saturday on my deck drinking gin and tonics, which I didn’t pay even close to $50 to enjoy.

Betsy is most likely having a midlife crisis. First she does this Warrior Dash, which involves signing a consent form that acknowledges there is significant opportunity for injury or even terrorist activity. Then in a few weeks, she’s going to some field in Georgia for Alchemy, which is basically an alcohol-infused festival in which participants build their own city, hold activities such as parades, dress in wacky costumes and burn a giant stick figure at the end. She and her team have been planning this for months.

I’m going to have to keep an eye on that girl. She might try to set up a flash mob in the parking lot.

The Warrior Chick

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