The third chick is happy

I am happy.  I can’t explain how happy I am.  I’m used to running businesses.  Being the big cheese.  Getting things done, making decisions, fearing nothing and understanding the bottom line.  This has been a whole new adventure for me.  In a few short weeks, I have fallen in love.


I am in love with the community.  I am in love with “stuff”.  I am in love with A+ Storage and just how cool Robert is every morning.  I am in love with the CRC’s Board President, John – whose last name I can neither say nor spell.  I am in love with the agency partners I have been lucky enough to meet so far.  I am in love with Hands on Nashville and the amazing volunteers they have provided for us over the past month.

I have always been in love with Catherine.  Obviously she is Chick #1 in so many capacities.  I’ve known Catherine for about 9 years.  Back when we worked together at The City Paper, there were days….man were there days.  But I knew I could count on her, and I think she knew I had her back too.  Since the moment we parted ways in our previous media life, I knew I wanted to work with Catherine again.  Never  thought about where or how.  Newspaper – Oh hell no!  Cooking?  BBQ’ing?  Seemed possible because we are both such food geeks.  I could even see us in a kitchen gadget store.  But we would spend our profits.  I knew we had a connection that would stick.  I just never realized how.  Or how cool it would be.  I’m more excited about my  future today than I have been in my life.  Because Catherine gets me.   I’m not sure how or why, but she always seemed to get me.

I have fallen in love with Betsy, Chick #2.  You think I’m crazy?  You think I’m high strung?  You think I’m anal?  Betsy runs circles around me.  I want to tell her to chill.  But then I think of all the people that want to tell me to chill.  Yeah, I wouldn’t listen either.  Betsy thinks the need to organize is normal.  I love that about Betsy.  Most people think I’m kind of a freak.  Meet Betsy.  Perspective is important.  And Betsy happens to come with a really cool kid.  And if you know me, you know I love cool kids.  One thing I can’t figure out, where does Betsy get her energy?

But the real love these days… Betsy will tell you, I “heart” the Sheriff’s department.  Yes, including the inmates.  I walked into the
warehouse this morning and you could here the chorus of angels sing.
“ahhhhhhhhhhhh”  You know the sound I mean.  This place looks so freaking awesome!!!  It is well stacked, organized and pretty darn  clean for all we’ve been through in the last month.  And LABELED!!   Although I shouldn’t, I love labels.  It makes everything flow so much better.  As my mother use to say, “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place.”

So, the CRC temporary warehouse is a thing of beauty on so many levels.  And I just know I missed out on some fun Saturday.  When Captain Timothy Lassiter sends us a crew, he sends us a really good crew.  Clearly Catherine and John had everyone rolling and getting this joint in shape.  And it looks like just in time for the really cool donation from Rev. Catfish and his people down in Florida.  Don’t ask.  I can’t explain.  But the collected some serious “stuff”.

Did I mention I’m happy.  I love the CRC.  I love what I’m doing today more than I have in a long time.  The closest I’ve ever felt to this was when I ran the racetrack back in Southern Virginia.  Again, don’t ask.  I can’t explain.

Thank you Catherine, Betsy, John and The CRC Board our 80 non-profit partners, our benefactors, volunteers and the entire community for reminding me Life Is Good®!

The third chick is happy

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