The scavengers

Burt World Relief

And I mean that in the nicest way. World Relief, one of our partner agencies, does tremendous work resettling refugees from war-torn countries. One of their responsibilities is finding housing for refugees and that includes furnishing many, many apartments. Which is why the warehouse crew at World Relief are scavengers. They look at a filing cabinet and see a dresser for a bedroom. They look at office chairs and see seating for five in the living room.

And, today, at the monthly CRC giveway, they saw two pieces of plywood and thought dining room tables. The plywood was leaning up against a wall in the warehouse, leftover from construction after the flood.

“Uh, what are you doing with the plywood?” asked Burt from World Relief. “Nothing,” I said. “Why, you guys want it?” You’d have thought I just handed him two tickets to an Adele concert. “We can make four dining room tables out of this!”

So off the plywood went to the World Relief warehouse, where it will be transformed into tables where families will sit, share food and talk about how their lives are being transformed in the United States. Not bad for a day’s work by the scavengers.


The scavengers

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