The queen of toilet paper

CRC got a very generous donation of toilet paper today. We re all about the toilet paper. Can you think of anything more basic than toilet paper? Now think of what you’d do if you didn’t have access to it. OK, don’t. But that is the sad situation many people in need face.

Betsy, hereafter known as the Queen of Toilet Paper, faced a unique challenge today accepting the donation at the airport warehouse. Let’s see how sharp you are. What’s wrong with this picture?

See it? No? Maybe you have to do warehouse work. The wood pallet, used here for illustration, should be level between the truck bed and the dock. It clearly is not. Now imagine that the pallet contains a double stack of toilet paper, as the ones in the rear of the truck do. You can see the problem, I hope.

Betsy is a whiz with a pallet jack, which is the tool one must use to move pallets of materials around and about. Here she is in one of our temporary warehouses after the flood moving pallets that probably weighed 500 pounds. But I have to say I do not know how she managed to get those pallets of toilet paper over to the edge of the truck and then somehow up and over to the dock.

I was not at the airport warehouse, of course, or I would have snapped a photo of this miracle. I was back at CRC World Headquarters struggling to lift 10-pound boxes of new athletic shorts gently handed to me by the kindly UPS guy. Age before beauty. I rarely embrace that phrase, but today I did.

The queen of toilet paper

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