The lake

The LakeOne of the things that happens when you buy a warehouse in November is that you discover some things the next summer that you didn’t even consider.  Like the fact that the water heater was about to blow up. And the fact that the air filters in the A.C. system hadn’t been changed in five years. And the fact that when it rains the parking lot becomes a lake.

There is very poor drainage at 218 Omohundro and no amount of creating deep trenches seems to help. So instead of the lake being a liability, we have decided to make it into an asset.  We tell our friends and colleagues we have waterfront property. Very valuable. The lake attracts all kinds of delightful birds and it’s become a veritable home away from home for dragon flies.

The lake makes a pleasant sound when cars drive through it. It wasn’t so pleasant when one of the refugee’s cars got stuck in it and four of the World Relief staff had to push it out. But, all tolled, Betsy and I like our lake. When it’s raining, we have staff meetings with the dock door open and just watch the lake get larger and larger. Those poor people who thought they were parking their cars on dry land? Not so much. We just giggle.

The lake

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