The girls from Bedford County

Mary, Robin, Leta and Joyce are the girls from Bedford County. We just love them. They all run different nonprofits, but they’re all in each other’s business.  Joyce is the heart of Caregiver’s Relief, which helps people who have to take care of relatives with long-term memory issues such as Alzheimer’s. Mary and Leta help autistic children and their families through the Bedford County Association of Exceptional Students and Robin runs the People’s Church Food Bank.

But as I said, they’re all in each other’s business. They help each other by volunteering, during fundraisers, and just with the general moral support everyone needs when their stress-o-meters go off.  They always carpool up to Nashville for the giveaways and then have lunch afterward.

Leta was telling  Betsy and me about one of their miracle days last week. All nonprofits have miracle days. It’s one of the reasons we do what we do. The Exceptional Students are going to have their own Christmas Giveaway for families with autistic children. Many of their families are in profound need because on top of astronomical medical bills, some of them have lost jobs because of the Recession (and, by the way, when can we just call this a Depression because, from where I’m sitting, that’s what it is down here at the bottom of the economic barrel).

But I digress. Their miracle was finding Shelley Lewis at the Stor-N-Lock in Shelbyville. They need space to store all the gifts they’re going to give away. Shelley not only offered them space at no charge, but also offered to loan them a truck to come pick up all the CRC Christmas Giveaway stuff. So a big shout-out to Shelley and her husband, Ed. If you need to store some stuff in the Shelbyville area, you go see them.

And if you just need a good giggle, you need to be at CRC when the girls from Bedford County are here.  Robin, Leta, Joyce and Mary are their very own floor show.

The girls from Bedford County

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