The first rule of warehouse management

The first rule of warehouse management is that you only move things once. We learned this the hard way. The idea is that when something comes into the warehouse (and it’s usually large and heavy) you want to figure out where it’s going to sit until somebody picks it up and takes it away. Saves time, saves your back.

jumbled chairsBut when we started getting these office chairs in, they were coming off the truck so fast and furious that we just hurled them everywhere.  Time is money and the nice people from Ted Sanders Moving were up to helping us to a point, but arranging was not part of their job. By the way, I should point out that we learned office chairs are remarkably resilient.

So we completely violated the “move things once” rule, but here’s where being two chicks in a warehouse comes in handy. If a bunch of guys were doing this, they’d have just left the chairs in a jumble. They would not have been bothered by clutter. We were bothered.

betsy countingWe like to have things… well… pretty in our warehouse. So we spent some time rearranging and color coding and prettifying this morning. Here’s Betsy counting the chairs after our brilliant job of organizing. Aren’t they nice looking now? I realize we’re not Sprints or Haverty’s, but we do try.

The first rule of warehouse management

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