The cutest volunteers ever

This is most of the marketing department at Kirkland’s, an incredibly cute bunch, don’t you think? They came over to CRC yesterday to help us sort the enormous amount of donations that have threatened to take over every corner of the warehouse. This is not an easy job. The boxes are heavy and the temperature in the warehouse is in the low 90s.

Kirkland’s was very kind to us after the flood hit in May 2010. They donated truckloads of furniture and decorative items to help flood survivors make their houses homes again. But then we kind of lost touch until a chance meeting at a Southern Foodways Alliance dinner. I sat across from Jessica Charlton. I inquired as to what she does for a living and she said she worked for Kirkland’s. Well, one thing led to another. Jessica came out for Bacon Wednesday. And yesterday Anna, Kayla, Brittany and Kevin came along, too, to sort through almost six pallets of boxes.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any nonprofit. But especially on a hot June day in an un-airconditioned warehouse, the Chicks especially ♥ our volunteers.

The cutest volunteers ever

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