The Chicks get some class

The Chicks are just thrilled that the ALIAS Chamber Ensemble is performing a benefit for us Saturday night!

In a town full of musicians, this is a pretty special group made up of well-known professional  players from the Nashville Symphony. They decided to form ALIAS in 2002 to color outside the the lines, as it were, once in awhile. And then they decided to donate all the proceeds from the concerts to charity, which puts them at the top of our list. We are thrilled just to rub shoulders with them.

So, of course, we are sweating the food. The charity of choice agrees to provide food for a reception after the performance. As the food chairman for the St. Paul’s English Tea each year, you would think I have this part down. But some egg salad finger sandwiches aren’t going to cut it here. And there’s no kitchen at the Blair School of Music, which I think was an unpardonable mistake on the part of the architects. So my idea for hot canapes went out the window.

I will come up with something elegant yet understated. Sophisticated yet simple. What that is, I don’t know but if you will come to the concert you can find out. It starts at 8 p.m. at Turner Hall and you can get¬† your tickets here or at the door. Best of all, tickets are only $12. Twelve bucks to hear world class musicians! We love this town.

The Chicks get some class

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