The ’80s Prom

Let me just say I don’t remember looking like this in the 1980s and I’m slightly offended that Betsy would plan an entire fund-raising event at my expense. However, it did allow her to alarmingly stretch her job description.

I will have to look it up in the employee manual, but I do not recall that Betsy’s job calls for:

1. Hunting down a life-size cutout of Michael Jackson for the Thriller dance-off (see above photo).

2. Spending hours upon hours making playlists on her computer for inspiration (we hired a DJ who had his own playlist).

3. Abandoning her post at work to hunt for a prom dress at Goodwill.

4. Purchasing a giant can of hairspray¬† to tease her hair and calling it “work related.”

5. Making Kim and me dress up. We hate to dress up. (We’re smiling here, but we’re not happy).

I will say that Kim really got into the spirit of the thing, actually allowing her sister to dye her hair blue. Was that an ’80s thing? I’m not sure, but it looked good on Kim and she briefly considered keeping it.

I make fun, but the first annual Prom was a huge success. The great folks at Whiskey Bent let us use their party room, we had a huge “candy” bar in addition to the real one. There was a prom photo booth to memorialize the event, a rockin’ DJ, great food and, best of all, guests who really got into the spirit of the thing.

Of course, every prom has to have a king and queen. For the inaugural event, ours were King Damon Bagwell, dressed as Prince, and Queen Jackie Neach. I am sure they will wear their crowns proudly as they reign this year. Betsy is well into planning the next Prom, which will feature Heroes and Villains. Batman. Superman. The Joker. I think Betsy is going as Wonder Woman, a title she well deserves. The whole party was her creation, from start to finish, and it came off without a hitch.

Kim and I will be hiding out for Heroes and Villains, though. We don’t do tights.

The ’80s Prom

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