Tetris it in

Crammed truck

Let me first say that we are not professional moving people. Every time we have to make a pick up we have to rent a U-Haul and we never know exactly how much stuff we’re going to have to fit into it.

So last week, we get a call from a major company here in town wanting to donate cubicles. That’s great. All our partners can use cubicles. Heck, half of them are operating on card tables with folding chairs. Cubicles are like crystal chandeliers to these folks. So we head out to the company’s headquarters with a 10-foot U-Haul truck and discover there’s about 14 feet of stuff to get into it.

But Betsy’s taught me something about this packing stuff in – she calls it tetris-ing, which is not a word I know but it is a perfect description of jamming every nook and cranny full of stuff. The loading guys at this company had never heard of tetris-ing. I mentioned it a couple times as they assured me we’d never get everything in the truck.

Here’s where being a girl comes in handy. They looked at all those cubicle parts and then they looked at me and I know they were thinking, “We can’t look like sissies in front of a girl.” So, by golly, they tetris-ed it in. I think that U-Haul was riding about two inches off the ground by the time we got on the road.

Oh, important safety tip. Don’t wear flip-flops while unloading heavy cubicles. Ruined my nail polish.

Tetris it in

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