Tennis anyone?

DSCN0397I pride myself on pretty much being able to give away anything that can be useful to someone else. I’ve given away pool tables. I’ve given away 30-gallon cans of exterior house paint. I’ve even given away a church podium. So here’s my challenge. Tennis light poles.

We got a call from a lady in Hillwood who was tearing up her tennis court. She has these four tennis light poles and she can’t find anyone to take them. She tried Metro, figuring they could use them at a park or recreation center. Metro claimed they wanted them but they told her they didn’t have a bucket truck to take the poles down. I actually don’t believe this. I think they just wanted to let her down easy.

So finally she contacts CRC. I never turn down anything unless it’s broken, soiled or damaged in some way. Poor people don’t deserve junk. It just steams me up when people try to give us things that I would have put in the trash. So I ask her if she can send me a photo of the poles, but she’s not digitally literate. So I offer to come take a photo. Well, she lives down this isolated road and the tennis court is in the back of the house, hidden from view from the street. So I feel like I’m trespassing as I tromp around her yard trying to get a good view of the poles. I had this vision that a Doberman would come bounding out of the bushes at any minute.

But, as you can see, I got the picture. These lights are worth about $5,000 each so it’s a $20,000 coup if I can give them away. Know anybody with a bucket truck?

Tennis anyone?

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