For me, Christmas always comes early. For three days in early December, Betsy and I give away what will become Christmas for a lot of people less fortunate than ourselves. It is the best three days of the year.

This year, smart little button that she is, Betsy did a survey of all our partner agencies to see what they need the most. And this week, we will sort, sort, sort.

What's in the boxes? We don't know!

We have about 200 boxes to go through, donated by various big-hearted companies that know we can deliver the goods to more nonprofits than any other agency in Tennessee.  We’ll spend all week doing it and we’ll love every minute of it. You just never know what you’ll find in those boxes. We won’t go into the year we got Outhouse Santas.

Then next Monday, Bobbie Cox is coming with homemade Christmas cookies! Bobbie is one of our most loyal partners. She works for a giant human services agency in Middle Tennessee, the South Central Human Resources Agency. She also works a second job to support her nonprofit habit.

She decided to get her coworkers to help her bake cookies for all the giveaway participants because she says  we do so much to help her.  Betsy and I are all about the food so we’re tremendously excited. If we can just get through sorting the boxes in time.

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