Tim and Ronald unload the loot

Tim and Ronald unload the loot

It occurred to me today that we are in an odd business. Tim and Ronald from Progressive Directions made a pick-up for the Chicks at a major distributor of the types of  items you see in gift shops in Gatlinburg or Branson.

We split the truckload so it’s a win-win. But this is the moment today when I realized that most people don’t carry on business conversations like this:

“Frogs?” Tim yelled. “You want the frogs?

“No, you can have them,” I yell back.

“Sun Kissing Dolphins? You want those?”

“You can have those, too.”

“Color Your Own Cups?”

“Yes, we want those.”

Seriously, we are thankful for every box full of resin hillbilly figurines and mood rings. And such like that. During our Christmas Giveaway we serve literally tens of thousands of people in need. Most of them would not be remembered during the holidays were it not for our nonprofit partners who take the items donated to CRC and spread them among the lonely, the home-bound, the troubled and those living in abject poverty. When you have nothing in your house or apartment that is even remotely decorative sometimes a Sun Kissing Dolphin looks pretty good.

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