Strategy at Star Bagel

The chicks are all about strategy. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that after the initial shock of a flooded building wore off, Betsy and I are ready to move forward.

Here we are at our new international headquarters, Star Bagel in Sylvan Park. Betsy brought her daughter, Kirstin, along to help us strategize. We start going down the list of things to do and realize that we really can’t do many of them until we can get in the building and see what shape it’s in. This is frustrating because we’re can-do women and we don’t have much we can do right now. I talk about perhaps having the warehouse space itself ready to move back into in a  few weeks. After all, it’s only a concrete floor and cinder block walls. We talk about taking this disaster as an opportunity to completely rethink the office space. What if we could make it industrial chic? With the pedicure station.

Periodically throughout the meeting Kirstin bursts into laughter. I would like to think she was laughing with us and not at us but I’m not sure. She is her mother’s daughter and nobody likes to laugh more than Betsy.

We have been heartened by offers of help from our nonprofit partners. We will call you, I promise, once we know what we need help with. In the meantime, Betsy is going to volunteer to help coordinate efforts at Hands on Nashville. They have been inundated with people wanting to help the flooding victims. Nashville’s a good town anytime, but it’s a great town during a disaster.

Strategy at Star Bagel

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