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We have very nice warehouse space for an industrial area. Quiet street, except for the cement plant across the way that sounds a siren every time the conveyer belts rev up to pour cement.

Fine dining establishments such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and the Sonic just up the road. Heck, we even have a lovely view of downtown from the parking lot.

However. HOWEVER. While Betsy and I were holed up because of the snow last week, somebody of obvious poor character dumped a pile of pallets in our front parking lot. What were they thinking? There’s even a STOP sign right next to the pile as if to indicate that dumping garbage on someone else’s property is not allowed. NOT ALLOWED.

So now Betsy and I are going to have to figure out some way to get rid of the darned things. We have actually fibbed to our wholesaler about not being able to dispose of pallets so he won’t leave any behind when he delivers. Now he’s going to see them in the friggin’ front yard.

I think I am going to dump this squarely in Betsy’s lap and convince her this is a volunteer opportunity. Wouldn’t someone want to come over with a claw tooth hammer and pull these babies apart for the dumpster man to pick up? I think she can sell that to somebody. She just moved more than 500 ashtrays that say Helen, Ga., on them. This will be a snap.

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