Still drinking

The Chicks are not much for the traditional Christmas luncheon. We are all about the traditional Christmas cocktail. With appetizers. Heavy appetizers.

Here’s Kim, Betsy and me. We seem to have latched on to Sambuca as our go-to cocktail and appetizer establishment. We are all about the Buca Beignets, puffs of dough stuffed with mozzarella and prosciutto, with jalapeño-basil & balsamic glaze. Oh yes. And the shrimp and crab dip. Hey, it’s been a tough year. We are entitled to a little relaxation.

Last summer, on May 5 if you want to be exact, it was warm enough to enjoy our cocktails outside. We had just begun our efforts to help the survivors of Nashville’s most devastating natural disaster. If we look a little rough around the edges, we were. It had been a long week. Hey, did you notice that we’re sitting in exactly the same order? Is that significant? Probably not.

So yesterday, we celebrated the season. We commemorated six months of really hard work under difficult circumstances. In an odd way, it’s been fun. Not to make light of the thousands of people, including ourselves, recovering from a devastating flood. But finding good “stuff” like emergency hygiene kits, bleach, building supplies, clothes,  mattresses and furniture has been an invigorating adventure. Devising an efficient and accountable system for giving it away has been satisfying.

So a little tipple at the end of the year is entirely appropriate. Here’s to a safer, less adventurous 2011. Bottoms up.



Still drinking

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