Stand down

Emergency alert over. Emergency alert over. Please see previous post so all of this makes sense.

So yesterday, the fabulous Yogi (real name John Ridenour – give him your business) sends in yet another quote to the flood insurance people. Miraculously, it comes back approved without the need for a Certificate of Elevation and for just $1,500 a year. Snap it up.

Then get a ballpark figure on renovations from my new best friends at Street Dixon Rick . Hire them, too. They’re green (not new – environmentally green) and they’re taking care of me like a baby who’s just been saved from the lions.  I needed that number because I didn’t know how far I had to go from zero to renovation heaven. I want renovation heaven. I want the glass walls for the conference room. I WANT THE GLASS WALLS.

I need the SBA loan. I need some help from my foundation friends. I need a fund raiser. I have all three. I’m not quite to the number, but I’m getting there.

Today is power and light. I have breakfast with Yogi and John Scannapieco, our board president. Hire him, too. Hire anyone who’s associated with me right now. They’re all committed to the cause. Which is me and Betsy.

Sign flood insurance papers. Spend time at the temporary warehouse with Kim. Give away stuff. That’s the best part – giving away stuff. Have lunch with my friend, Gail, at the Smiling Elephant. Buy the paper and read her column. I don’t care if you don’t agree with her. Just read it. And order the Pad Thai.

Stand down

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