Southern Belles

A Southern Belle looked after by Caregiver Relief

The Chicks rarely get to see the recipients of what we distribute to our nonprofit partners. It can be a blessing to be “the supply line to the front lines of poverty” because assisting those in need face-to-face, day in and day out, is hard and emotionally draining work. But we also never get to see the smiles on the faces of those who receive new clothing, personal hygiene products, the host of other things we distribute or, yes, a new hat.

Joyce Adams is one of those compassionate people on the front lines. Her agency, Caregiver Relief, assists those caring for chronically ill people. The other day she sent along this note, with a couple of photos: “Here are two lovely “belles” with Alzheimer’s disease that were soooo excited to have a new hat! It is a simple thing to us, but these little “gifts” really brighten the long days of many people here in Bedford County. Thanks for ALL you all do!” Joyce Adams

New things are seldom seen by many of our most fragile citizens. But we are fortunate that we have corporate donors who understand that a new coffee cup, hat or piece of jewelry is an unimagined luxury to those in senior centers, recovery programs or homeless shelters. Yes, CRC provides the basic necessities of life, but it’s those special gifts that really light up the eyes of some who may struggle to find a little joy in their daily lives.


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