Sometimes we’re clueless

Occasionally things come through the dock door that we just don’t know what to do with. Like the 32 palettes of flower bulbs. Or a giant piece of heavy-duty chain-link fence.

We got a bunch of office furniture in the other day, including this odd kind of locker thing. flipped cabinetA lot of donations just fly out the door, but others we have to gently convince our partners to take so we can get them out of the warehouse.

The odd locker has been here for a couple weeks (which is a long shelf life at CRC). This morning, one of our partner agencies came to pick up a desk and Betsy tried to convince them that they just had to have this weird piece of furniture. Then she opened one of the locker doors to see what was inside.

Oh.  It’s  a lateral file cabinet. On its side. DSCN0666Sometimes we’re clueless.

Sometimes we’re clueless

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