Slight bit of confusion

It’s hard being in the disaster relief  business sometimes. Take today. The lovely people at Dollar General have pallets of the really good stuff – personal l-hygiene products – ready for us to pick up. Normally, Betsy or I would rent a U-Haul and drive over to Goodlettsville to get them. But we’re a little stretched thin. So here is the circuitous route I took to getting a truck:

1. I call Stu at Progressive Directions. They share their truck and driver, Tim, with us from time to time. Tim is home sick. They’re not sure when he’s going to be back. I go to Plan B.

2. Plan  B is to get Chick Kim to rent the U-Haul and drive out to Goodlettsville. That Kim, she’s such a good girl. She immediately says yes. Only problem: We’re having a bit of a disaster here and we’re not sure we can find a U-Haul. Kim volunteers to go to Murfreesboro, 30 miles away, to find one.

3. I am now nervous that I won’t have a truck. So I call my insurance agent, John Ridenour (better known as Yogi). Why am I calling my insurance agent? Because he took me to a networking breakfast a few months ago where I met Jim Zacari of Armstrong Relocation. Armstrong dropped off some primo office furniture at CRC a few days later, but I lost his contact information in the flood. “Hey, Yogi, could you get in touch with Jim and see if he would give us a truck?”

4. Jim says yes. Yippee! I call off Kim. I try to call off Progressive Directions. Stu sends me an e-mail. Tim is set to pick up the load on Friday. Now I have two trucks going to Dollar General to pick up the same merchandise. I panic. I call Betsy. “Do you have Tim’s cellphone number?” Betsy pauses. “Catherine, it’s Wednesday. Armstrong is picking up Thursday. We have time to fix this with Progressive Directions tomorrow.” Oh. Right.

I am signing off now to have a drink.

Slight bit of confusion

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