Shelve it

So we’ve got this thing about shelves. When you run a warehouse, there are two ways to go — shelves and pallets. Pallets are fine. You can move them around. But they’re heavy, dirty and give you splinters. I know this from experience. Ouch.

Shelves are the gold standard. It’s better to go “up” than “out” for storage. So let me tell you about the amazing folks at HCA, one of the best friends the nonprofit community in Nashville has. Every year they do a community day where their employees go to various nonprofits and work. There’s a mini-grant attached for any materials related to the project. That’s how we got our first shelves. And the HCA folks put them together. Then we got a dock plate from them. Sweet. You’re not finding this incredibly sexy stuff? Jay and I do. We’re kind of pathetic that way.

Now we have two walls of shelves, again thanks to HCA.


Aren’t they gorgeous? HCA has folks who do efficiency studies and they did one for us. And, yes, it comes with a mini-grant to implement some of their suggestions. Score again! Jeff Simmons from HCA was the lead dog on this one. He’s also a very talented artist (here’s his stuff). I own one of his prints, Shift. It’s of a typewriter keyboard but the real meaning is that you have to be able to shift in life and work. If Plan A doesn’t work, go to Plan B. That’s a lot of meaning from a typewriter keyboard. And if you don’t know what “shift” means in this context you’re too friggin’ young. Look it up.

And Jeff came and put them up himself. What a guy.

Once we get a few more rows of shelves it will be on to bins. Bins. Ah, now that’s some sexy stuff.


Shelve it

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