Sharing Spree

Saving a buck and social change. What a great combination. That’s Sharing Spree.

The idea behind Sharing Spree is providing really substantial online coupons that also allow the buyers to select a nonprofit agency to receive part of the proceeds. Obviously, the Chicks would like you to pick the Community Resource Center. Using your power for good creates real social change. For instance, we’re providing backpacks for at-risk children this summer. Every coupon you buy, with CRC selected as the beneficiary,  will put good, sturdy backpacks in the hands of children who otherwise would go without.

And you get really good deals – usually 50 percent off – on things you’re going to buy anyway. Chick One has used Sharing Spree for restaurant coupons, pedicures, and goodies at a gourmet shop.

If you click this link it will take you to Sharing Spree. It’s easy to sign up and when you do, just go to the listing of nonprofit agencies participating and find the Community Resource Center. Select us. That’s an order.

Sharing Spree

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